World premiere 
March 27-30, 2019 at 8pm 
Choreographer: Social Growl Dance / Riley Sims in collaboration with the performers 

Presented by C+C through Bright Nights

Amorous Playlist is an intimate, eccentric and stirring new creation for six dancers, performed simultaneously with a live concert by Blunt Chunks. This marks the third time Social Growl and Blunt Chunks will collaborate. 

Artistic Direction: Riley Sims
Music Composed and Performed by: Caitlin Woelfle – O’Brien (Blunt Chunks)
Performers: Blunt Chunks, Clarke Blair, Ana Groppler, Jean-Benoit Labrecque, Kay Kenney, Genevieve Robitaille, Riley Sims
Lighting Design: Noah Feaver
Scenography: Claire Hill
Residency Partner: Studio 142 – Hanna Hegenscheidt

Watch the trailer here.

From chemical vices to cinema and the act of performing itself, Sims presents a vivid, hilarious and beautifully intelligent depiction of the lengths we go to in order to abandon our own realities. Each dramatic moment flows smoothly to the next, ebbing and flowing in intensity. Jillian Groening, The Dance Post